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Sooo…one of my absolute favorite genres is Rock and so I was extremely excited to hear that one of my favorite bands, Red, had finally released a new album known as Gone. Their last album, not including a re-mastered edition, was released and 2015, so after being so quiet I was ready to hear what they had to offer me.

My favorite album was also their previous one, released in 2015, which was of Beauty and Rage. This album was my favorite due to the band bringing using more elements of string instruments to the rock they’re known for. The album is very haunting and very relatable to listeners. It explores struggles and suffering in peoples lives, and explores the darkness inside of us all which makes listeners think and feel their own emotions deeply through these songs. All of the songs seem to hit me emotionally and brings up my past mistakes or struggles to my mind and the music is so beautifully depressing. However, it isn’t all sad, the songs are also about finding beauty within ourselves amongst the pain and heartbreak we face. Facing forward and moving on is healthy and has new beginnings despite the nightmares of our past which is so nice to think about amidst the raw emotions this album causes.

This new album seems to lose the heart-wrenching strings and take on more of an electronic tone. Despite this change in style and instrumentation from the last album, they keep their rock and deeply meaningful lyrics intact. Immediately, this album takes on human nature again with more dark lyrics and feelings from our dark side crashing around us. The first song seems to have an emphasis of our inner self and how it separates us from others. This album begins exploring masks people use and hide behind almost immediately, as well as pondering the meaningfulness of humans seems to be the focus nearly immediately. Although, this album also features remixes of the songs as well which is almost a completely different style from the original if you want a different sound to the track.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these albums and I love how much of an impact they have on me. I didn’t really know what to expect from them after loving their album of Beauty and Rage so much but the new album Gone seems to continue the dark themes of human nature as they have done with their previous album. What I enjoy about their new album is the contemplation of each person’s meaning in life and how much are we actually worth. How will be know or remembered, or rather will we be remembered at all? Although, I also like how they begin the album with masks people use to hide themselves. It is such a true statement that people tend to hide their flaws or mistakes or even have personas for different parts of our life. And exploring the darkness behind our masks and the feelings of loneliness because our hidden selves aren’t shared with those around us is so impactful. This mask keeps us from truly connecting to those around us and causes us so much harm and can cause us to harm those close to us to keep that mask in place. I think this was a great way to continue their musical journey of exploring the darkest sides of human nature in a new way and am glad they decided to choose this path for their newest album. I fully recommend listening to them if you haven’t before.