Upcoming Shows in the Conway, AR Area

To kick off this post, obviously I am going to put Hendrix Hat Trick Festival at the top of the list. This show is going to be sweet with three killer bands all playing (for free if you’re a Hendrix Student!) at Kings this Friday. Check that out, it’s the product of a lot of hard work, and it should be a great chance to listen to live music.

In addition to Hat Trick, there are some shows worth checking out in the Little Rock area. At the Rev Room ( 300 President Clinton Ave Little Rock, AR) this month, both Robert Earl Keen and Houndmouth are playing. Robert Earl Keen has been playing, writing and touring for decades, and hasn’t disappointed yet. Check out ‘Over The Waterfall’ and ‘Walkin’ Cane”.

Houndmouth was founded in 2011 and has gotten a fair bit of recognition in the indie world for their self-titled EP and rightly so. The band is on the road promoting their new album ‘From the Hills Below the City. Check out “Houston Train” and “Penitentiary”.

The White Water Tavern (2500 West 7th Street Little Rock, AR) also has a sweet lineup for this month. John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives are playing on February 21. Based out of Memphis the group gives an electric live performance with a blues-y, roots sound with emphasis on a funky bass line. John Paul Keith looks comfortable playing live music (which is no small feat) and has beautiful glasses that are reminiscent of Buddy Holly. The show will be a good time for all. Check out ‘Smoke in a Bottle’ and ‘She’ll Dance to Anything’.

Arkansas native Bonnie Montgomery will also be playing at the White Water on February 25th. Let me just say, homegirl has some pipes. Bonnie Montmomery grabs you by the ears croons and belts and just sings, so powerfully. And more than vocal power, she is interesting to listen to. If Cat Power had a sassy cousin from Arkansas, I imagine she’d sound a lot like Bonnie Montgomery. Check out ‘Nashville’ or ‘Lost at Sea’.

Finally, Glossary is also playing the White Water on March 10th. This is such a good band, that I’ve definitely played a couple of their songs on the show this past semester and last year so needless to say I’m excited about this show. It’s hard to categorize a band with the term ‘American music’ because the American sound is so broad and diverse, but I feel that I have to say Glossary has an American sound. They have guitars, songwriters singing their own songs and an honesty that is so good to listen to. Check out ‘Cheap Wooden Cross’ and “Trouble Won’t Last Always”.

For more info on these two venues and their other shows scope these websites:



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