Hello Regioners! Big Huna Here! Let’s talk about performers. This past Spring Break, I went on a trip to see some artists during South by Southwest in Austin (great Big Huna is talking about himself again). South by Southwest is a festival for films, music, and I hear even gaming nowadays. It started in the late 80’s and has increased in size since then. It was a fantastic festival because it had venues of all sizes, types, and costs. You could spend fifteen dollars to see Spoon along with four other up and coming bands in a fancy hotel with food everywhere you looked or you could hit the backstreets (yes I know it sounds funny) and find some equally delightful venues with no fees or even entrances to them.

The most outstanding smaller band we were so fortunate to see was named Shiny Ribs. Shiny Ribs was a country/soul/funk band we saw out in a crowded alleyway. It was about 95 degrees outside and humid as Hell in Monsoon season. Despite the heat Shiny Ribs, the main singer for Shiny Ribs, came out with a full suit and a top hat. All of his clothing was golden. This man was going to sun roast himself in a matter of seconds. I thought there was no way he would keep rocking his crazy golden outfit on the whole concert. Oh, and he was old enough to be my grandparent. When he gets up on the stage, he runs up and when the music starts he starts dancing, not just dancing but going hard. It was a wonder he was able to keep bopping the whole concert without shedding a layer, well he did lose the hat but that was from a hard head banging moment. He made the Shiny Ribs what they were. Shiny Ribs was not our favorite due to their music (although their music was great) but for their performance. They put on a show.

I had never seen a performance quite like Shiny Ribs. It was the best performance I had seen which might be what made them one of the best live concerts I had ever seen. Most of what I have seen today is more a performance based on the stage, fancy gadgets, or a choreographed dance, but I found Shiny Ribs hard dancing to be better. Something about having a performer who seems like they are just having fun and who is improvisational with their dance to steal the show. Something should be said for the genuine nature of a performer’s show: if they do what they feel, it can add a lot to a show.