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This month’s Album is Warpaint, by the Black Crowes.

Released in 2008, this is the band’s 7th album, and it was released after 7 years of almost no studio production. All the recordings were completed in just three weeks, and the band recorded each song live with very few overdubs and edits. In fact, “Evergreen” was done in just one take, and “Whoa Mule” was even recorded outside. Aside from a minor controversial review by Maxim, the album was received well, debuting 15 spots higher than their previous album, Lions, hitting number 5 on the Billboard charts.

Some notable tracks from the album include “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution,” “Oh Josephine,” and “Movin’ On Down the Line,” all of which highlight the Black Crowes’ signature style: a blend of country, blues, and rock which makes up their distinctly-soulful southern rock sound.

And what’s more, the band just announced their plans for a 2020 tour! In a very recent announcement, the band has decided to get together again for a nation-wide tour, starting on June 17, 2020 in Austin, Texas. Relevant dates (less than 6 hours from Little Rock) include:

June 19 – Dallas, TX

June 23 – Tulsa, OK

June 24 – Rogers, AR

June 26 – Birmingham, AL

July 7, 8 – Nashville, TN

August 23 – St. Louis, MO

Whether you love the band already or have never heard of them before, be sure to check out this awesome album here on Spotify.