Hello! This was the final podcast for the spring 2017 semester for Fictional Attachments, here on KHDX. So, I decided to play the soundtrack from one of my favorite movies of all time: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. This 2014 thriller with a hint of romance is about an Iranian vampire girl who skateboards in the night to provide a form of checks and balance to her city. While this film is not only visually stunning through its use of cinematography, color palettes, and editing, the music in the film is also very interesting and so well placed.

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Track Listing:

  1. Charkhesh E Pooch – Kiosk
  2. Gelaye – Radio Tehran
  3. Sarcophagus – Federale
  4. Dancing Girls – Farah
  5. Black Sunday – Federale
  6. Hishe Ayn Ore (Remember That Day?) – Bei Ru
  7. Death – White Lies
  8. Khabnama – Radio Tehran
  9. Thirsty’s Return – Federale
  10. Tatilat – Radio Tehran
  11. Yarom Bia – Kiosk

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