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Hearts and Love!

Did you know that the otters hold hands when they sleep? Hey y'all! In today's episode we talked about the heart! How does the heart work? Where did the heart symbol originate? How does our heart compare to other species? Find out here! Tunes played: -Heart to Heart...

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Double Groove: Pearl

Hi Double Groove fans, This show we listened to Pearl by Janis Joplin. This is one of my favorite feel good albums, and it never fails me. I think that everyone should be a Janis fan, so hopefully this show turned you into one. Track List: Side A Move Over Cry Baby A...

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Double Groove: Gaucho

Hello Beloved Listeners, This show we listened to Gaucho by Steely Dan! I am a recent fan of Steely Dan and am so happy to share this album with y'all. My friend Royce (host of Plus Ones @ 8pm Wednesdays) put me on this album. I bought this one in Springfield,...

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Double Groove: 52nd Street

What is Groovin'? This show we listened to Billy Joel's 52nd Street! We turned the booth into Zanzibar and danced all night. I bought this album from Control Records (my favorite record store). I love Billy Joel, it is my (one of many) dream concerts to see him...

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Double Groove: The Outlaws (Wanted!)

Hey Groovy People! This show we listened to the Outlaws album with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser! This is a classic county album (if you don't like country, then don't talk to me). I got this album from my Papaw and it is very...

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