Greeting Ghouls and Goblins!

I hope you all are in the spooky season mood! Halloween is this week, so we had to give you some creepy tunes to get ready! We didn’t want to use too many of the obvious Halloween songs, so we tried to expand the selection as much as possible. I hope you all enjoy and eat your Halloween candy with us! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, daily songs, and polls @goldengirls_khdx !

-Your Golden Girls DJs

Songs in Order:

  1. Witchy Woman – Eagles
  2. The Witch Queen of New Orleans – Redbone
  3. Scarecrow – Beck
  4. Dead! – My Chemical Romance
  5. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3 – Marilyn Manson
  6. Dark Lady – Cher
  7. Black Magic Woman – Fleetwood Mac
  8. Nocturnal Me – Echo & the Bunnymen
  9. Dracula’s Wedding – Outkast, Kelis
  10. Hex Girl – Moon Sisters, The Nostalgia Girls
  11. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow
  12. Kill Of The Night – Gin Wigmore
  13. Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead – Barbra Streisand, Harold Arlen
  14. Into The Unknown – The Blasting Company
  15. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie
  16. Time Warp – Little Nell, Patricia Quinn (from Rocky Horror Picture Show)

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