Greetings, fellows!

The fifth episode of Wench Village explores the contentious stories surrounding one of the most famous creatures in history: the unicorn. At once described as a beast and a victim, docile and ferocious, the unicorn is the subject of countless legends spanning across Europe and Asia. European unicorns are described as having the body of a horse, goat, or donkey; a long horn; and a goat’s beard. Asian unicorns on the other hand, tend to have scaly coats, a deer’s body, a horn, and the tail of an ox. Europeans in medieval times were obsessed with hunting the unicorn for its horn, which held magical and medicinal properties. Medieval Asians, however, saw unicorns as majestic and peaceful creatures of great wisdom and power. Give a listen and decide which tale you believe.



If you’re intrigued by cryptids, creatures, beasts, or the medieval ages, this is the show for you!

Take it easy, cryptids, bards, and wenches.

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