Oddly Specifix

A different, yet equally weird premise each week. From music with odd connections to a collection of facts centered in a mysterious event, I do whatever I want. That’s the show.

Soup of the Day

Each week will have a loosely planned theme (past examples include Country Songs about Spousal Murder and Cover Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers). We will play relevant songs and discuss the trends prevalent in the ‘microgenre’ and generally discuss...

The Ouroboros Diner

Welcome to the diner, where I’ll play some songs, read you some stories from the public domain, and talk about it!

Are You There, Tony Hawk?

just me… talking about what i want to talk about/what i would say if tony hawk were listening. playing music i want him to hear. sometimes have guests on so they can talk about tony hawk. will share tony hawk fun facts and talk about other things sometimes too....