Ride or Die

Myself and a guest will be reading through and analyzing the Alex Rider novels by Anthony Horowitz. And if we get through those, we will talk about the movie, tv show, and maybe even the fandom and the magnum-opus fanfic ‘the devil and the deep blue sea’.

Are You There, Tony Hawk?

just me… talking about what i want to talk about/what i would say if tony hawk were listening. playing music i want him to hear. sometimes have guests on so they can talk about tony hawk. will share tony hawk fun facts and talk about other things sometimes too....

The VCR Repairmen

I will have guests and we will talk about the latest news from the film industry and discuss a selected movie every week

Happy History Hour

The magnanimous, intelligent, and supremely humble host, Josh, rambles about a historical tale or two for about an hour. Occasionally, a guest will join him.