Hello everyone, and welcome to the all-new KHDX.fm! My name is Jacob Turner, and I’ll be your Technical Director on this crazy ride for the 2016-17 school year.

I promise, I'm not as serious as I look in this picture.

I promise, I’m not as serious as I look in this picture.

As you may have seen, KHDX hasn’t been around very much since the 2015-16 year wrapped up. I promise you, that has been for the best. We’ve rebuilt the website and radio streaming infrastructure from the ground up to bring you the best experience we can, because that’s what you all deserve. So without further ado, here’s some of the changes that we’ve made for the coming year:

  1. We are no longer using Myspace and Tumblr.
    Yes, seriously. We had two (TWO!) Myspace accounts and a Tumblr account that we weren’t using, so for the negative three of you in 2007 using those networks to follow us, we sincerely apologize.
  2. We ARE using not just Facebook, but Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube too!
    Seriously, we’d love for you to follow us there. The accounts are being maintained by my fantastic co-worker Everett Roddy, and he’ll be sure to bring you the freshest KHDX information and recordings from our concerts and other events! We are @KHDXfm on every social media network now as well, so it’s super easy to find, tag (and we love to be tagged), and interact with us. Here’s some shortcut links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube
  3. Have you noticed our new website?
    Chances are, you have. KHDX.fm has been completely rebuilt (from a new hosting provider to a new theme, with tweaks made by yours truly) for a multimedia experience you can truly enjoy. The front page now features our biggest upcoming events, the web player now loads in a more graphical new window so you can go page-to-page seamlessly, and it looks the same (and just as beautiful!) on your phone as it does on your desktop. We’ll be continuing to make tweaks as the year goes along, so stay tuned for updates!
  4. For our DJs, we haven’t forgotten you.
    DJs will hopefully find that we’ve done our best to simplify the processes behind making, producing, and recording your show. We’ve also worked to improve the podcasting experience with a new program that I’ve coded called CastFast, that should help to cut down on the time spent taking your show and making it into something to be played over and over again.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me, either. We’ll be working to keep the site updated with posts from our DJs, historical content from both our concerts and the station as a whole (yeah, the whole history thing you keep hearing about? we’re getting it ready for you all), and just generally making KHDX an awesome place to visit and jam out.

Buckle up, everyone. It’s going to be a fantastic ride.

Until next time,
Jacob Turner