What is up KHDX listeners! That’s right, they decided to let my bombastic news show back on the air for its fourth semester! Much like the elephant of past, I plan on bringing you, the listener, an array of news events and rocking tunes that are sure to keep your head banging with knowledge. Firstly on today’s show, I talk about the terrible food crisis in Venezuela. What caused it and how can other countries learn from this crisis? Tune in to find out! Next on the show, I discuss the recent report that U.S. companies now hold 2.4 Trillion dollars in offshore cash reserves. I assure you the issue isn’t as cut and dry as it seems and there are some good reasons as to why this hoarding of cash has occurred. Lastly, I take a look at the recent scandal involving Wells Fargo and what their CEO, John Stumpf, had to say to lawmakers on capital hill this past week. I’ll give you a hint… It wasn’t pretty. All of these stories and more on Today’s Elephant in the Room. If you missed the show, you can find the podcast here: here

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