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Ah yes. The region with three of my top ten bands. It was always going to be difficult to make this one, wasn’t it? I was very proud of this episode, I will go out on a limb and say it was easily my best so far. Why is this the case? Well, I wrote out the script, word-for-word. There was a bit of improvisation, where I gave Esperanza Spalding’s life story for one. I was on her wikipedia while playing You Are a Tourist and was really intrigued by her life. I remembered that my dad had told me that info a few years back, but I must have forgotten to actually take the time to listen to her. I issue a formal apology to my father now for failing to listen to her. I also improved the part when I spoke about feminism. I am a huge feminist, and want to be able to find ways to mix that into my show’s content. I just thought of how ridiculous that story about Portlandia and the (before I continue, these views are my own and not representative of Hendrix College) feminist bookstore. I did truly find it a shame the response that the bookstore people had to the show, as it really puts feminism back. At no point does the show mock trans or cis women (in a serious way), leading to questions over the bookstore’s response. As a staunch liberal, I always feel that this is one of our major problems – the inability to take a joke. If everyone could lighten up a little (and I do think there is a proper time and place for these kind of jokes, they are not to be thrown around all the time), the points would become much more accessible. This has divulged quite far from the Pacific Northwest, but that’s alright. My knowledge was already channeled into the episode, which I’ll leave the link for below. Thanks for reading!

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