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Hey, Alphabet-ers, Snack-ers, Region-ers! Do we have a name for the three people who listen to us regularly? Any who! This week on the Reg, we talk about planning, procrastination, and time management! A riveting topic of conversation, we know, but we MAKE it exciting in our typical ASR fashion. You know how we do. Shaq Daddy and Big Huna, we take this topic on like champs; what are you, a procrastinator or a planner? Find out! And while you do that, take a listen to some time-related music. REO Speedwagon’s “Time For Me to Fly” is a classic (and Shaq Daddy’s fav). We play some others, like Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” and “Light Goes Out” by Ages and Ages. Enjoy and Be Kind.

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