This episode was a mess. A big fat mess. I’d normally cue a meme of Drumpf right about now, but the day I’m writing this is the day that the he has officially announced the cutting of funding for the National Endowment of the Arts (and yes, that is telling everyone that I am writing a blog post for early February in mid-March. I’ve been busy, alright?). I couldn’t look him up right now even for a joke (and, as always, my personal distaste for him does not represent the views of Hendrix College). Anyways, the first song I played was C’est la vie by Algerian Raï singer Khaled. I would love to be able to do a full episode over Algeria one day, but I think with my current workload, I probably wouldn’t be able to find enough information to talk about. Which is a shame, because despite falling asleep during a documentary in class over Algerian history, I am actually interested in it. Hey, at least I know Algeria is a country (see my podcast for what I mean by that). Next was “Savage” by Hacienda. Yet another song that my dad showed me. I feel like at this rate I’m playing at least one song he has shown me per episode. Totally fine by me, he knows good music. To this day, I don’t know why I played the Temper Trap on this episode of random places. Why did I think I wouldn’t find enough Australian music?? Not only that, one of my friends spent the first half of her life in Australia! There is so much I could talk about. I’ll be honest, I probably just wanted to hear some Temper Trap. I really don’t want to tell the Ana Tijoux story again (I think I’ve done it on air twice), so I’ll just skip that.  I’m sorry to my stepfamily for including that, I just still find it funny. That’s mean of me, I shouldn’t. Oh well, as our first artist from this episode Khaled says, c’est la vie. I’m still embarrassed that I played “Come With Me Now” by Kongos on the radio. Not that its a bad song, its the principle of it. I laugh at Austin’s indie station 101x (101.5) for playing it all the time. And there I was. Playing it. I let all my musical morals fly out the window. Look, maybe it isn’t my fault. There must be something about that song that compels DJs to press play on it. I don’t know what it is, but perhaps there is some form of curse on that song, that makes all of us feel an urge, a need to play it. Well, on that slightly insane note, I’ll end this mess of a post here, but I suppose that suits this mess of an episode.

P.S. Watch the movie Fish Story, its very confusing but the ending is so satisfying.

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