DISCLAIMER: The show begins with a wonderful song called “Le temps de l’amour” by Françoise Hardy, and also with about 5 minutes of Big Huna and Shaq Daddy trying to figure out what’s wrong with the volume. Turns out, Big Huna’s mic was not working. It took way too long to figure that one out. To be fair, we could hear ourselves just fine. Okay. WELCOME. This week we talked about language. Do we know other ones? Should we know other ones? Shaq Daddy rambles on about that for a while. Are schools still offering enough foreign language classes and why or why not? All of that and more on this week’s episode! We also listen to some great music like, “Allah Karim,” “99 Luftballons,” and “Despacito.” Listen to the words coming out of our mouths and, as always, Be Kind.