Greetings earthlings,

This week was a little different. On somewhat of a whim, I did the Surprise Super Special Funked Up Finale, a 2-hour finale retrospective on 2 years of my radio show for Odyssey credit. We ran through 12 of the show’s specials and hit on a huge variety of my all-time favorite funk: some farewell funk if you will. It was a ton of fun to look back and see how far the show has come since Fall 2015. This probably marks the end of the show as we know it; though I might be in the booth in the future I likely won’t be able to put the same time into specials and analysis. But I hope yall enjoyed funkin’ out on KHDX over these great semesters, I know I have. Oh, and feel free to check out my PL Odyssey reflection at that link if you’re so inclined.

See ya! (and enjoy one last picture of George Clinton!)