And we’re back.

Like we said in the show, Places. is no more (RIP). Who knows, it might return either as its own show at some point, or it might just be a part of Ham Radio. Either way, Ham Radio will give us an outlet to discuss any issues/topics that we are feeling, not just different cultures/countries. After about a week straight of listening to “So American”, I decided I had to incorporate into my show somehow. Hearing about the NFL protests for the past week had me interested in how other people view the current issues regarding how this country is moving forward, and I decided to base our show off of that. Putting together songs that were both about problems with the USA and also appropriate enough to air (bye-bye “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine) was more difficult than I thought it would be, especially considering our show’s format (putting the playlist together on the spot). In the end, we made something semi-resemblant of a protest playlist. I actually forgot to mention the NFL protests, oh well.

Talking about religion is always tricky, and while it was always going to be difficult, I felt the need to. I really tried my best to stay respectful, but also making sure my actual concerns were aired. Although I haven’t always expressed it, I do truly believe there is a place for religion in society, I just hope for better representation of it (more of the good side, less of the bigotry that hides behind the label of religion). I actually had a great chat with a friend about her experience with religion the other day, and it was very enlightening. Whatever happens, I just hope for a better future. What a cheesy way to end my first post! As always, I’ll leave the playlist and podcast below.



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