The first semester of The Roundabout had super sketchy production on several weeks (100% my fault), so there are parts of the audio that don’t sound quite right.


October 2nd: Animals-Pink Floyd


(Technical issues led to a big gap here. On October 9th, I played Quatermass’ titular album, and on October 16th, I played Rush’s 2112. Sorry for the lost audio!)


October 23rd: Meddle-Pink Floyd


(October 30th’s was lost, and I don’t remember what it was, so this one is going to be a mystery for the rest of time)


November 6th: Fragile-Yes (guest starring Peter Grant)


November 13th: Time and a Word-Yes (Audio starts a bit late on this one)


November 27th: A Farewell to Kings-Rush (CD and commentary supplied yet again by Peter)


(December’s recordings are MIA. The 4th had Echoes by Pink Floyd, Starless by King Crimson, and Close to the Edge by Yes. Otherwise, nothing here.)



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