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This week ladies and gentlemen. Was. Straight. Up. Rock.

We had every flavor anyone could ask for. Probably more than what anyone wanted. I have my preferences on what kind of rock I like, but that taste gets pretty vast fairly quickly…!

As promised, of course we listened to our classic 70’s and 80’s rock. Followed by some punk rock. On to alternative. And yes I promised it last week and I followed through- Celtic Rock. (Don’t hate til you try it. It makes for great work out music!)

My favorite part of playing classic rock in the booth is that with my later show after dinner, I get a decent amount of foot traffic in front of the KHDX booth. Therefore since it’s after work hours I turn the speakers up some… the smiles and nods I get as people pass the booth is AWESOME. People can’t help but respect the classics man and I am living for it~ music is king and always will be.

Red, yellow, black, or white you can’t help but love a sweet electric guitar rift or stupid cool base line. And you can quote me on that!

Soon as I can get you beautiful people this weeks podcast you will have it! My shows take a little longer for the computer to process due to the length of our Ragged Old Flag Show…

As always- love one another and you’re all beautiful people!