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Guys. I can’t give it a big enough introduction besides just being straight up – it finally happened.

Luke Comb’s What You See is What You Get is finally out for us all to hear!!!

This is an endurance album with 17 FULL TRACKS for us to drown in. The track list includes:

  1. Beer Never Broke My Heart
  2. Refrigerator Door
  3. Even Though I’m Leaving
  4. Lovin’ On You
  5. Moon Over Mexico
  6. 1, 2 Many – ft. Brooks & Dunn
  7. Blue Collar Boys
  8. New Every Day
  9. Reasons
  10. Every Little Bit Helps
  11. Dear Today
  12. What You See is What You Get
  13. Does to Me – ft. Eric Church
  14. Angels Workin’ Overtime
  15. All Over Again
  16. Nothing Like You
  17. Better Together

Now, I’m doing you guys a little bit of a favor because I know some of you guys don’t have the patience or time like me to listen through the whole album beginning to end. BUT, that being said I recommend that you give it a try. It’s really eye opening to hear the evolution of the album. Anyways, all songs that I have in bold are either songs that myself, or other major Luke Combs fans have heavily anticipated. So, if you have to pick and choose due to whatever “Reasons” 😉 you have – these are the ones to check out for sure. Also make note that all underlined songs are tracks that were released early for us.

My top favorite and my most anticipated track: Better Together. I’m hesitant to commit to this song, and disappointed that I gravitated to this song so heavily. This is due to the fact that I anticipate this song is going to follow the path that Luke’s Beautiful Crazy did. And if you’re not familiar with that song or situation specifically let me explain. I describe this as the “Dan+Shay Effect”. This will be the song that hits radio frequencies all over the country and will be RUINED due to being overplayed by different stations. (I’m looking at you 106.7 The Ride) I’d rather the whole album be played evenly, and lightly salting it with a slight favoritism towards this song. Not likely- so I’m trying to avoid overplaying this one myself already.

My next plan was to list my Top 3 favorite tracks on the album. HA, I can’t even begin to do that – yet. So instead I’ll mention a few things to keep an ear out for.

  1. Keep an ear out for Dear Today‘s audio recording start, which then mid-song switches over to a studio recorded version. This encompasses Luke’s wholesome humble beginnings taste that he seasons his music will. VERY smart move by him artistically in my opinion. The choice to do this makes the song cut so much deeper with its meaning.
  2. Does to MeI mean…come on guys. A Luke Comb’s & Eric Church mashup? Honorable mention for sure. Two vastly different sounds thrown in to one track makes you pay attention to the switch in turns singing by the two artists.
  3. Every Little Bit Helps I call this song out because it really alludes to Luke’s roots in 90’s country. You almost feel like Brooks & Dunn are about to cut into the song with Luke at any point, like they have in other tracks. If you’re a 90’s Country fan, this has the sound that you just eat up.

That concludes my major takeaways from this FANTASTIC album, let me know what you think in the comments! Be Blessed!


p.s. here’s my own podcast where I play the full album with slight commentary!