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Ragged Old Flag fans it has been too long!!

To start off Season 2 of Ragged Old Flag Radio I decided to start off with a review of a concert I recently attended… On September 26 Luke Combs filled the Walmart Amp. in Rogers, AR to the brim with fans. Among the fans was yours truly, ROF host himself, with GA Pit tickets. I was so close to the stage I could read the print on Luke’s hat, “Blue Otter Polarized”, perfectly clear.

This concert was special for a multitude of reasons. For one, this was my first outdoor concert. Which, can I say – I LOVED IT. Don’t ask me what was different, don’t as me why, I truly believe that there’s just something that concerts outdoors have to offer. I could hear the music echoing out all across Rogers for everyone to hear, and I was getting the pleasure of hearing it first in the front row. Another reason that this concert meant so much to me – I got to share it with my second little brother George. Even more cool – it was his first concert. Ladies and gentlemen, our boy Luke Combs did not disappoint. I saw a skinny and lanky freshman and high school burst from his shell and scream lyrics like nobody was watching. For me personally, getting to share something like that with him was beyond words.

My little brother George had never been a fan of country music for the longest time, then I introduced him to my guy Luke Combs. Like his older brother, he’s been hooked ever since then. Now I catch George sending me country music: from upcoming artists, new releases, and even ticket presales!! Who is this kid?? I am here for it all! This for me encompasses what not just country music, but music in general can do for people. For me and George it was country music. It could’ve been any genre, but the music allowed us to bond. Arms around one another, smiling at cute girls, dancing in the pit, and screaming at Luke for an encore (we got one). There are few times in my life I’ve ever felt that close to my brother.

I have three little brothers: Henry George and baby Elliott. Henry went to the first round of Luke Combs with me, now George has, sounds like Elliott’s turn is up. So far all my brothers have treasured each concert. I have a strong indication Elliott will be over the moon. My mom claims that every time Elliott hears Luke on the radio he says, “There’s Charlie’s music!”. My little buddy isn’t wrong, I look forward to having a similar experience with him that I had with George, and make it “our” music. Once all three have gone it’ll be time for all four of us to go together. That’s what I’m looking forward to…

Luke Combs, killed the show as always. Playing songs old and new songs of his, Luke had all of us fans itching to get a taste of his new album coming out November 8th. He didn’t disappoint. That’s all I’m going to say in interest of Luke in mind. To keep more in the loop on Luke’s music, concerts, and postings here’s his website: . There you can find all of his social medias and stay up to date. Like me! There may be information about presales too…….. 😉 (check out the fan club)…

Oh, by the way. Did I mention I caught Luke’s first guitar pick of the night??? Must’ve slipped my mind.. NOT! Catch you guys Tuesdays 7:00-9:00, make sure to tune in and read up on what’s new every week! Be good be blessed!!