If you missed out on this week’s Ragged Old Flag show you missed out on a good one! Make sure to listen to the podcast – it’s a 100% Luke Comb’s What You See is What You Get album live review!

At the start of the show we started by diving into the beginning of the album with the six pre-released songs that came out in Luke’s “Prequel” album. From there we slid down the track list of the album and enjoyed every single second of it. This was probably close to my twentieth time through this album and it’s still not old for me. To be fair, with how big of a fan I am of Luke and this new album I doubt it ever will get old for me.

That being said – make sure to check out my written review which is also in my blog! I go into a little bit more insight of my favorite tracks, and reasons why! In the blog posting I also have the full track list, if you don’t want to go looking for it for yourself.

For those who want access to my own broadcast of the album with minimal commentary – click that play button down below!! If you have Spotify I also have it linked to my own personal Spotify which is also available via the “WEBSITE” link next to my profile picture below!!

Be Blessed! – CT