What’s up Ragged Old Flag Fans???

This week we did one of my favorite segments on the show- Shuffle Takeover! Before the show I pick out my favorite Country Playlist of mine and I click “shuffle” 25 times in a row. The 25 songs that pop up are the ones that get played! Young or old, loud and electric, quiet and slow, I had a range of MANY different genres of country.

For some reason today, Chris Stapleton was the winning artist of this Shuffle Takeover segment, as he had 4 different songs of his play this time around.

This segment idea came to me from a road trip game that me and my family used to play. We would put our playlists on shuffle, and the first one to name the song playing gets a point, and then another point to who can name the artist! I have a lot of fond memories playing the game so it’s a lot of fun getting to reminisce and play the game with myself in the booth. It’s a way to decompress and relax, and think of my family!

Make sure to tune in next time on Tuesday’s show!! I’ll attach the podcast below so you can play the guessing game along with me during the show…spoiler alert I may say the song before hand!

I hope you guys finish up the rest of this week strong and get to go home early to your families for Thanksgiving!!! Be Blessed!