In an effort to curb chaos and mayhem, the law system was established to serve as a fair and impartial way to enact judgement and punishment. Often crime is associated with words like “theft” and “murder.” However, laws expand far beyond what is typically considered criminal. In this system of accountability, laws are often warped to make the mundane criminal. Here are some of the strangest laws around the United States.

In our home state of Arkansas, the law books are designed to not only regulate the actions of citizens and governments but also nature itself. The Arkansas river is banned from rising above Little Rock’s main-street, and to do so is a punishable criminal act. Whether this ordinance applies to other rivers or water bodies is unclear. Furthermore, be wary while driving in Little Rock’s McDonald’s parking lots. It is illegal to suddenly brake or start your car at the beloved fast food chains in the state’s capital. I guess that Arkansas lawmakers were not Mclovin’ all of the fender benders.

However, some laws outside Arkansas borders are even more ridiculous. In Washington, you can get jail time if you are caught harassing Bigfoot. In Idaho, it is illegal for a man to give his wife a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. If you’re in Rhode Island, it is illegal to be sold both toothpaste and a toothbrush on the same day, but only on Sundays. In Paulding, Ohio, a police officer can bite a dog if the officer believes the action might calm down the dog. However in North Carolina, a bingo game can not legally exceed five hours.



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