Hey everyone and thanks for listening!

This week’s theme was Miss Hendrix! This last weekend we had our annual drag show competition, Miss Hendrix and crowned our very first ever Mr. Hendrix, Bi Fieri! To celebrate, I played songs from each of the contestant’s dances. I played 3 songs by Lady Gaga, 2 songs from Janelle Monae’s set, two from Luke Skywalker’s set (including the Imperial March), 1 from Miss Tabasco’s set, 1 from Guy Fieri’s set, and two from James Bond’s set. Obviously each of these drag names were different than the one’s I’m writing down, I’m just trying to make it PG for the kids out there listening! Playlist is posted on my spotify crs1130 under trailmix 3/9/20. And, as always, thanks for listening!

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