Greetings fellows!

This, the first episode of our brand new show Wench Village, explores the dark beginnings of the Mermaid. The first tales of mermaids appear to originate around 1000 BC in Assyria. The goddess Atargatis fell in love with a mortal man, but accidentally killed him. This distressed and ashamed her so that she threw herself into a lake and tried to take the form of a fish. Presumably because fish cannot feel shame. However, this did not take, as the water could not conceal her divinity, and she took on the form of the first mermaid. Fish below the waist, human above.

Believe it or not, it only gets weirder from there.



If you’re intrigued by cryptids, creatures, beasts, or the medieval ages (roughly 5th century – 15th century Europe), this is the show for you!

Please forgive any awkward pauses or audio from this first episode, it was our first foray into this technology. You can’t expect a simple village wench to comprehend modern technology. Hopefully the music makes it all worthwhile.



Tune in Friday, Sept. 18th at 8 p.m. Central to be transported to a tavern somewhen in the Middle Ages, delve into some medieval folklore, and hear a jaunty tune or two.

Take it easy, cryptids, bards, and wenches.

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