The episode archive of The Roundabout’s 2020 Fall season. Relive all the remote hosting tech problems, unplanned pauses, and (rarely) actual music, all at your own convenience.


September 19th: Relayer – Yes


October 3rd: Sings – Patty Waters (and also Doctor Worm I guess??)


October 10th: Mouth Dreams – Neil Cicierega


October 17th: Octopus – Gentle Giant


October 24th: Diver Down – Van Halen (with Special Guest Host Peter!)


October 31st: Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo


November 7th: Mirage – Camel


November 14th: Utopia Parkway – Fountains of Wayne


November 21st: It’s a Beautiful Day – It’s a Beautiful Day


November 28th: Moving Pictures – Rush

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