At the start of our radio show journey, we worried so much about trying to find an audience that we were intimidated to talk about the subjects that really intrigued us. However, we soon found that the more specific we get with our topics from show to show, the more we connect with our audience. One moment we specifically remember is when Monica brought up Pitbull two episodes in a row, for very different reasons. We spent quite a bit of time talking about him for those two weeks, and afterward we received feedback from friends who had been listening about how that was the type of content they liked to hear on a radio show/podcast. We always love hearing what our friends have to say about the songs we choose to play or the subjects we choose to cover. After all, this radio show is entirely in our hands and we decide what we cover from week to week. We take turns playing songs and picking general talking points, but the discussions are always fruitful and we always learn more about one another, despite being close friends already. 

We were thinking about how we are privileged to have the small platforms we have to give ourselves a voice. A lot of people are silenced or don’t have a voice at all. Kaizz’s Social Media class’s main talking point was how social media has made it more accessible for anyone to gain a platform for any cause that they would want. Back then, the only people who could reach the masses were the rich and the famous, but now anyone with a computer or smartphone can bring others news or entertainment. In our case, we have that plus our radio show to bring the representation and voice that we may not have had when we were growing up. In this day and age, we no longer have to worry about being as general as possible because no matter how niche our conversations or topics are, we know someone else will be able to relate. It is no longer about finding a large audience; it is about making sure everyone has someone else that they can look towards to relate to. Not a lot of people think about the accessibility that they may have when it comes to platforms but it is a lot more varied and vast than our past generation had without social media. 

All voices are important and every voice should have the opportunity to find an audience. It could be one or it could be one million. As long as we connect with somebody out there about our lives as hyphenated Americans, we are happy.

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