This week I finally revealed a playlist that’s been haunting me (somewhat literally): songs about death and dying. This one was hard, at first I had a playlist almost two hours long. I had a lot of culling to do. I put together the same playlist here on YouTube, for ease of access.

No time for a compare and contrast today, so instead I played “Diary of an Archaeologist” by Kid Scientist (yes the same Kid Scientist as from my Valentine’s blog post; if you haven’t seen that yet here it is). As I discussed, the strength of this song comes from the shared passion of its star-crossed lovers, which is, quite obviously, archeology (if you’re wondering about spelling, both are correct but the dictionary prioritizes archaeology). So, the chorus where they rhapsodize on their everlasting affections focuses on being buried together and discovered by future generations. If that concept calls out to you… well. Just saying, I have written a poem on a similar subject which you can read on my Instagram, @wroteskelton.

Finally, since I didn’t have time for BlackBoxWarrior – OKULTRA by Will Wood, here it is! And a live performance no less.

Alright, that’s about it for this week! Hope to see you next time.

Your DJ/Dinner Companion,

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