In Episode 15, we are joined by Crosjean Sy, an old friend of Helen’s. We talk about the very thin line where cultural appreciation turns into cultural appropriation. When does liking a culture go too far, to the point where you are trying to become that culture? Then, we talk about our gganbus, or old friends. We tackle the question of whether it’s better to have many friends and always someone to hang out with, or less friends, but more meaningful connections. We wrap up this episode by reflecting on how problems that we stressed over when we were younger were all solved in due time, and took hope in that the things we feel anxious over right now will also be all okay. The songs played in this episode are “Lemonade” (by Jeremy Passion), “Gganbu” (by TOIL, Ash Island, Yumdda, & Koonta), “Summertime 2016” (by Jae Luna), and “Back Then” (by Jayci Yucca).


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