This week we’ve got a playlist of songs about astronauts and aliens, who, assuming they are coming to or communicating with Earth, are intrinsically also astronauts. I am correct, and you cannot disagree with me on this. You can find the playlist here.

Today’s compare and contrast was “VENT’ANNI” by Måneskin and “Vienna” by Billy Joel. These two are fantastically similar in their compassionate descriptions of being young and ambitious and burning yourself out, one from an outside perspective and one from someone going through the same thing.

At the end of the show, I couldn’t resist! I had to play Thao Nguyen’s freshly released single “Ambition.” I got to hear it live over spring break and what a treat that was!

Only one more show to go before the end of the semester! I hope you’ll join me then.

Your DJ/Dinner Companion,

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