What’s Up Blog 

Today we had some awesome, bodacious guests. Elliot Allen and Andrew Kerr joined us in the stu for a great show. In our first segment we met the boys and asked them some questions. After some songs we hit y’all with our tier list of Hendrix Functions (Zachs Bday was the best). As always, we finished with some glows and grows. See you next week, same time, and same place. 

Kisses and all of that, 

Abby Patterson 

*Week 16 Spotify playlist is linked below for your listening pleasure. In case you don’t have Spotify the playlist is also below*

  • Uptown Girl- Billy Joel 
  • The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala  
  • All I Think About Now- The Pixies 
  • Paul Revere- The Beastie Boys 
  • Today- The Smashing Pumpkins 
  • I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams- Weezer 
  • Buddy Holly- Weezer 
  • How Soon Is Now- The Smiths 
  • What You Won’t Do For Love- Bobby Caldwell
  • Uptwon Girl- Billy Joel