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This week’s episode focused on the aggressive rockers of the late 60s, primarily The Stooges but also The Sonics and MC5. The Stooges were initially considered a flop until several years after they disbanded when they were finally credited for being the inventors of punk. Many punk groups from the mid 70s to early 80s would go on to emulate this raw, aggressive style of rock The Stooges were producing in the late 60s and early 70s on the albums, The Stooges and Raw Power. One of the biggest appeals about the Stooges was the on-stage antics pulled by front man Iggy Pop (shown above). Over the course of his musical career, Iggy has been high on drugs while performing (one particularly memorable time where he snorted PCP), bled from self inflicted lacerations and lacerations from others, flung peanut butter at audience members, and he has appeared naked or almost naked on stage several times.

The Sonics also played a minor role of influence in the 60s with their aggressive vocals and unique recording techniques. MC5 also put out a loud and in-your-face sound in 1969 with their hit “Kick out the Jams” however the band failed to produce much music during their active years. This episode showed again how these founders of alternative and punk music failed to see much success during their active years, yet they have made some the largest impacts on alternative and punk of any bands.

Here’s the show: